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A Few Words About This Site

This site was created in response to a need identified by doctoral students and alumni for a place to disseminate their published or in-process research. 

Many of us have embarked upon a path of research that is significant to the practice of management and yet much of this research remains in sites that are not readily accessible to those without member access. This site is intended to be an open access site so that this research can be used by those that need it. Please freely share your research.

Additionally, opportunities for collaboration on research projects become more difficult to find once we are no longer in daily contact with our cohort and faculty. It is hoped that this site will encourage alumni to reengage and to support current doctoral students.


Current students are encouraged to publish their work in progress here to get feedback from alumni and others visiting the site. Alumni are encouraged to write a short blog and include a link to the full-text of their dissertation, presentation or article.


If you are a manager who found this site, then we want to ensure you that it is filled with valuable insights that are evidence-based, using credible evidence and rigorous analysis. 

We encourage everyone to use the Forum to interact on a variety of topics.

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