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How To Create a Podcast

The University of Maryland Doctor of Management / Business Administration Students, Daria Bailey, Freda Brazle, Anu Sharman, Mark Brown and Cordell Francis, also known as the Management Podcasters set out to create a management podcast by first collaboratively creating and agreeing on a schedule for development of the podcasts (idea development, topic selection, topic review, recording, editing, and posting). Next, we assigned each participant with the task of offering three suggested topics for discussion. That provided the group with a minimum of 15 possible topics to select from. We compiled the list and provided a few days for each member’s consideration. At the end of the consideration period each member identified their selected topic to the group. The group met again to briefly discuss the 5 topics. After discussion each member had a few days to conduct research and gather their thoughts on each topic in preparation for the recording session.

The group allotted three hours to record 5 podcast episodes with each episode planned for 10-20 minutes in duration. The group met at an agreed upon location for the recording session. The group selected a quiet location with a dedicated space (conference room) for the recording. The room had a large table, internet capability, a speakerphone, a video monitor to connect a video call if desired. Those accommodations provided each member the ability to use their laptops for immediate research, reference materials and prepared notes to aid in the discussion. The group also had light refreshments to keep the team energized and hydrated for the prolonged recording session.

The voice recorder on an iPad was used as the primary recording device, but the voice recorder on a laptop was used as a backup recording device. Each session was recorded separately. The group did not have audio editing software and thus was not able to edit each recording. However, editing software could have been purchased or editing services could have been acquired if necessary. The group decided not to edit the recordings because blogs are usually live and free flowing. Also, unedited recordings create a more genuine feel and sense of authenticity.

The group downloaded the files from the iPad to Dropbox where they could either be edited, named appropriately and uploaded to a podcast platform. There are several free podcast sites online. The group chose to use A team member created an account, uploaded a collage of the group and followed the instructions to create each of the 5 podcasts. Each podcast had a title and URL link for sharing with others.

Finally, the Management Podcasters posted a brief description of each topic and the links to for reference and future use.

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