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Tamie Santiago
Feb 28, 2019
In General
Viewing AI as a threat to humans is expected, since the intent of AI is to ultimately replace human leadership. The very principle of AI is to enhance, advance, and eventually replace human intelligence, which is extensively considered as the keystone of competitive human advantage. While captivating leaders take pleasure in leading and inspiring people, they should not handover critical business decisions to intelligent algorithms. Being bossed around by smart code sounds ridiculous -- right? Yet the tide is changing and being led by techno-giants. With the influence of the world’s most thriving enterprises — Google, Netflix, Amazon, Alibaba, Uber, and Facebook — self-governing algorithms, not talented leaders, increasingly get the last word. This self-governing algorithm is called algorithmization, which entails substituting human professionals with algorithms — that is, the raw cognitive processing of facts and information. This issue goes beyond privacy and data protection, and sees the probable impact of algorithms on the executive function and authority of leaders, with profound implications for democracy and free will. However, without proper human interrogation of AI, leaders are likely to reject or suppress their own cognitive instincts by surrendering authority and executive function over to the AI, regardless of its bias. Read more here...
Is Artificial Intelligence(AI) the Future of Leadership? content media

Tamie Santiago

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